Renovating Paint and Ideas for Your New Home

Some people want to remodel their homes because of the very dull colors it has. It is nice that you have the options in your mind of the colors that you want to use for your new home. It is exciting that you will give your personal touch to the colors and designs you want to see inside your living room or bedroom. It will also help to improve the ambiance in even using that room for specific times. You have to think clearly about whether you need to change the color or the paint. 

Others are doing it because they have the potential value and the market. They want to ensure that everything is going the right way to avoid problems whenever they sell this one in the coming years. Renovation and maintenance will be straightforward because everything is settled. Move the house owners will hire remodeling contractors to have the best ideas for changing the color or replacing some parts of the house. It would be easier for them to decide whether to upgrade or maintain it. 

There are options that you need to hire the exterior house painter near me for your exterior parts such as the sidings and walls. If you think you have enough space to add a new room, that would be a great idea. You can prepare this room in the future for an additional garage or bedroom. You have to choose the color that will match the house’s overall theme. Others are taking this kind of a chance now to use the space and avoid having a vacant lot. Of course, you can turn this one into an office or even a fitness room if you want to exercise and promote a healthy lifestyle. 

You should also think about your kitchen. This is one of the places in your house that will promote positivity. You have to check whether you have to update this part of the house or not. Some people want to replace the old furniture and appliances in the kitchen. It will help them to give a different vibe after doing it. You can choose the wall color that will match your mood or character. Others would try to use neutral colors not to affect whether you are a girl or a boy. 

You have to use the best materials for the bathroom. This is one of the rooms you have to pay more attention to, especially since you want to feel great whenever you go out of this room. You can choose the best flooring as well, and even the color that will match that person’s identity. Whenever you need to replace the materials, you have to ask those professional contractors to give you advice about what to do. 

They have the best ideas and recommendations for the materials you are going to buy. You have to promote the best brand here to last for many years and avoid the possible problems and issues with the flooring and even with the walls. 

The Origins of Green and Red Colors in Christmas

Major holidays have their own classic color scheme: red for Valentine’s Day, black and orange for Halloween, and of course, green and red for around December to celebrate Christmas.  

Wherever you are in the world, it is noticeable how we have accepted the red-green combo as a classic color around December, from baking cookies, light décors, and even the colors we choose in residential painting services San Francisco for holiday’s repainting. Yet, we do so without asking the question how did they become Christmas colors?   

The Origins of Green and Red Colors in Christmas  

Green and red were not originally colors that were used to commemorate Christmas, as we know it today. This classic color combo was used but to commemorate a different holiday by Celtic people several years ago. In ancient times, the Celts revered holly plants with green and red colors for being evergreen. And since the holly flowers have these colors even during winter, they began celebrating the winter solstice with these colors, decorating their houses with holly plants for protection, and asking for good luck for the next year.   

The color combo continued in the 14th century but this time, its meaning had evolved. Around this period, the colors were used to paint rood screens, which were partitions that divide the priest from the altar in the churches’ congregation. A researcher then speculated that this might have influenced the Victorians to associate the red-green combo to “boundary”, marking the end of the year and the beginning of the new one after winter. However, it was not after the Coca-Cola ad that Christmas was associated with green and red colors. Before such time, colors and traditions were varied for Christmas, even how Santa Claus look.   

Haddon Sandblom, an artist who was hired to draw Santa Clause for a Coca-Cola ad, concluded what Santa Clause would like. He created the Santa Clause that we know: jolly and fat who wears red robe (similar color to the company’s logo). The ads became so popular and the people began thinking that the Santa Clause in the ad is the real one and since then solidified the Santa that we know today, of course, tinged with the colors that were used to represent Santa, red and green among others. Before this, Santa Clause had no consistent portrayal and representation. He was sometimes thin or wore a variation of colors. This is also due to a variety of religious and cultural traditions.   

The history of the red and green colors during Christmas does not have a one-point origin. Its collective meaning has evolved from the ancient time’s traditional practices up until its modern changes. The changes, of course, were driven by tradition, function, commercialism, and popularity and further solidified by the collective acceptance of the color combo as a symbol for Christmas.   

Whatever the origin is, or regardless of the religious and traditional traditions, the red and green colors are still the popularly known combo that represents the holiness and the jolliness that the December holiday season brings.