Best Remodel Ideas for Christmas 2021

Whether you believe in Christmas or not, you will certainly feel the need to cooperate and blend in with the world in its celebration for the holiday, and whether you are planning on a Christmas dinner or a huge party this December, the last thing you would want your guests to feel is being not welcomed. And one of the ways to do this is to make your house dull.  

There is no question we want our home to look at its best during the holiday season and luckily, there are a lot of Bay Area home remodeling projects you can do with a limited timeframe that you have.   

Here are some quick updates you can do for your home!  

1. Make your fireplace look modern   

One of the favorite spots during the cold Christmas is the fireplace, and it is also a holiday favorite when it comes to decorations where people hang socks and decors. So, updating and remodeling your fireplace is a sure way to catch the attention of guests.   

Today, it is a popular trend to convert the traditional-looking wood-burning fireplace into a gas or electric fireplace. This gives a more modern look besides the convenience it provides you. If you cannot install a gas or electric fireplace, then you can opt for a stone façade fireplace or repaint your bricks for a newer look this holiday season. Take note that changing your fireplace into a gas or electric one needs an expert and should not be done by nonprofessionals.  

2. Update your kitchen  

The holiday season will never be complete without a fancy or intimate dinner. Thus, your kitchen will be a hot spot for the guests and family. There are two fast ways to do this: repaint your kitchen and change your backsplash. These two remodel projects are fast and affordable. You will not need to replace cabinets and appliances. Some of the recommended options for the backsplash include tile, stone, and glass.   

3. Redesign your floor  

The floor might not be that eye-catcher but it certainly affects the whole space for better or for worse. Redesigning your floor to make it modern or incline with the Christmas décor can be a great deal changer. Laminating your floor is a good DIY too.  

4. Fix your bathroom  

The bathroom is a necessary remodel since it reflects the host’s cleanliness. Since bathrooms, in general, are not so spacious, remodeling projects will not be so expensive. Some of the remodeling projects you can do include updating faucets, replacing light fixtures, and changing floor style.   

5. Enhance your curb appeal   

The curb appeal is as important as your indoor as it is the very first thing that the guests would see and look at. Luckily, there are several décor and remodeling ideas you can do. Besides the lights and decors, you can also trim the bushes and prune trees as well as install some door decorations or put up a Christmas tree in the yard.   

After all the works, do not forget to enjoy Christmas!